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My neighbors next door just came over and informed me that they had a bullet hole that went through the wall in the back of their house into their living room ..through the TV and into the wall that adjoins my house. I have been complaining both on this page and in emails to law enforcement about this for over a year. I was told this morning by somebody the names of the guys that were back there last night….same ones involved in the other cases of shots fired.

We found a place on the second story where 2 more rounds hit but did not go into the house. Just a minute ago some of the other neighbors found a shell casing which they immediately covered. Police have been called.

Five or six feet that would have been in my sons bedroom window. This shit needs to stop. I watched this happen where I grew up over 40 years ago, I watched a decent neighborhood turn into a shooting gallery.

Between the street folks, the criminals and the drug addicts it is becoming more dangerous for residents to even be safe in their homes. Happy New Year from Lents!


Emmie Sperandeo

Discovers bullet hole in side of house New Years Day!


PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A woman says several shots were fired and at least one bullet flew into her townhome in Portland’s Lents neighborhood.

The woman says she’s lived at the home on Southeast 83rd Avenue for four months and has heard gunshots several times. Neighbors agree gunfire in the area is common, but say it’s the first time a bullet has actually gone into a home, that they know of.

Emmie Sperandeo says she woke up New Year’s Day to find a bullet had flown through her townhouse and become lodged in the wall that separates her unit from her neighbors’.

Not only did it pass through the exterior wall of the apartment she shares with two other roommates, she says it also went clear through their television set.

Sperandeo thinks it may have happened while they were all out Monday night celebrating New Year’s Eve. She says when they got home at 2 a.m., they went straight to bed without noticing anything unusual.

“I woke up this morning and I’ve never been more confused when I was like, ‘oh, there’s bullet holes in our living room,” Emmie Sperandeo said. “At first, I thought someone had tried to break in or was, like, in the house.”

Sperandeo says if the bullet had traveled any lower, it could’ve hit her dog, Bailey, who sleeps nearby.

A Portland police official says officers also found evidence of gunfire outside the townhouse.

Sperandeo says detectives were investigating the case Tuesday in the morning and afternoon; she says they found five shell casings not far from the home.

Portland police say no one has been arrested in connection to the case. Officers could not immediately offer any additional information.

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