This morning at 4:58 as my neighbors Brad and Anna were woke up by what they said were large bangs and the sound of breaking glass.

They got up went outside to find someone had put two good size dents in their metal front door and threw a flower pot against the front of their house.

Once outside they saw and heard some wacko heading toward Foster yelling and screaming.

The sad and dangerous part of this is not just his actions but the fact that in all probability this guy is known to have this behavior...and is walking our streets.

They are getting braver. Last week I awoke to find the contents of my console and glove box all over the floor of my car. They took some aftershave a pair of sunglasses and an old GPS I had.

I kicked myself in the ass for not locking my car, not smart!

Yesterday I went to the car wash and while going through water started coming through the passenger side window. 

When I checked it I found the stripping around the window had been pushed in. That means I did not leave it unlocked but that they were brave enough to stand in my driveway and jimmy my lock through that window.

A few weeks ago one of the gas attendants was attacked by a guy. When reported they were told….yea we know him.

A couple who were attacked are suing the city as the attacker was known to be dangerous.

A man gets attacked and his bike stolen after they beat him up. There are pics of a guy riding his bike ?????

The kid that was attacked downtown still has no justice from the attack on him.

So these wackos are walking around our neighborhoods and there is full knowledge they are off or are dangerous


FROM THE CROTCH - Welcome to the Jungle

crime scene 2.PNG

Want some good news...? Sorry I have none.

Chased out the 53rd junkie this year from my alley yesterday. 
Last years count on May 15 was 38. He was sticking the needle in his leg trying to find a vein. He poked himself several different times to no avail and eventually settled on his neck. Sad! He was from Riverside Cal. and came to Portland with 2 friends All three were in the same prison together and decided to make Oregon their home. They left and apologized for using the alley. As for the alley ...recliners, mattresses, blankets , clothing and piles of garbage.

The fence by the house that housed the murderer from the shooting at Hing Ming’s was down again. At night we see them like cockroaches going in and out all hours of the night.

Violent crime is on the rise.

Theft is on the decline, however most I spoke to believed it was more from folks just not reporting anymore. They believe crime from theft is up also... just folks quit calling it in. I for one believe that.

Now the good stuff. What will be happening over the next 5 years is the lowering of standards relating to many crimes. 

Limits will be raised on theft and drug offenses will result in book and release. Why will this happen?

Well first we do not have an adequate number of police. We have a police department that has the same amount of cops on duty as we did in the 70's ...when there were a lot fewer folks and a lot different times.

Second ..we were already not using about 300 beds in the jails. Due to the new budget cuts..72 more beds are empty..or 2 pods.

Third... Our District Attorney's Office will lose 30 more DA's. Yep that will bring us to a level we had 30 years ago. There will be give or take a few. 62 DA's down from 92 which was 104 not to far back.

What does this mean? It means that areas will be filled with a lot more petty and small crime which will result in much more serious crimes. Example. Lots of drug users bring lots of drug dealers. At least 2 of the murders in Lents were about drugs from what I have been told.

When I told you all 4 years ago it was coming..many thought I had no idea what I was talking about. Even now that it is upon us there are those out there that believe that somehow this will not affect them. That is a big mistake.

Most folks here have no clue as to how bad things can get. No one I am sure thought that this small neighborhood could have 5 murders in a few months…4 in the last month.

You do still have a few choices. You can unite, stand together and get loud.. or go hide…not saying by pushing back it will get any better...but it beats doing nothing.

FROM THE CROTCH - bullets flying

car with bullet hole.PNG

This is what took place with the shots fired the other day at the Space Age on 84th and Foster. Three guys in a Lexus were getting gas. Another car traveling down Foster caught their eye and a shoot out between them began.

This is right across the street from where a murder happened just a few days prior. It is also just a couple of houses away from where folks had bullets come through the wall in their apartment.

The picture is of a vehicle that was in the gas station during the shooting. The station owner said that this guy."never" got out of his vehicle when he came there.  For some reason he did...when he came back out there was a bullet hole through his windshield and through the drivers seat which would have hit him about chest level.

God was there that day to protect that man.....where the hell is our Mayor.

There are several groups that have been doing this.

Police should compare the video from the Shell station with the Space Age shooting to see if it’s one and same guys. At the Shell station these thugs threatened a Hispanic man who they cut off in line. It is all on video.


ShootingS in Lents

Two shootings on the same day! Foster & 84th and 92nd & Henry

Interesting night....while I watched 15 or so officers surround the home behind me (84th and Foster) looking for the killer from the shooting at Hing Ming’s yesterday; I heard that another fatal shooting had taken place up on 92nd and Henry.

The suspect on 84th is accused of shooting a 36 years old man in broad daylight and lives right behind me. You folks have heard of him before...he was the guy on a half dozen occasions fired his gun off in the alley. My neighbors know him as the guy who fired a bullet into their house that went into their living room through the TV and into another wall. He was the guy who was approached several times by my neighbors and myself about the activity going on at his residence. We know it as a drug house where junkies get drugs and come into the alley and fix,

For hours they attempted to get anyone in the house to come out. My son could hear it at a friends house who lives on the other side of Woodstock. Six or seven loud noises that were more then likely flash bangs set off so officers could enter the home. We finally saw the officers inside, I do not know what the outcome was.

Anyone that can look in the mirror and honestly say that Lents is a safe place to live anymore is nuts. I have seen a lot of stuff go on over the last 25 years but nothing as bad as this.

This guy was a drug dealer and a thug that should have been in jail a long time ago. Not lack of police effort or desire to do so, but a lack of ability to put in the time to go after these folks. 


Anyone who drives by Hing Ming’s sees the groups hanging out in the parking lot. It is a meeting place for thugs, drug dealers and seems to attract every scumbag in the area. Those of us who live by it see it daily. The alley behind our homes has become the place they sell and use drugs, use as an open toilet and worry neighbors who leave to work each day wondering if their home is next to be robbed.

Many of us remember not that long ago telling our local community leaders that we were concerned about the signs of what was coming... and they told us it would be fine. Lent's they said was changing. New development was coming.

The sad thing is that in Lents folks just kind of ignore reality. They believe a handful of new buildings and a gazebo will make it more livable. To those that spent time or lived in big cities before coming to know better. You know exactly what is coming..

Asking PPD to fight crime with the resources they have is like asking someone to drain Johnson Creek with a thimble.



6:00 AM in the crotch. Gentleman either mentally ill or on some bad meth. Comes into the Shell opening and slamming doors. Being loud and obnoxious. Walks out of the store without paying for merchandise. Banging on cars yelling nonsense. Smashed his phone and basically having a fit.

Cops called. A young man went after him in the McDonalds parking lot and gave him a few good kicks to the head... minutes later he is hugging the guy. Four patrol cars show up and obviously the officers know who this guy is. He is still wandering the hood. Don't blame the cops folks... if they arrested him the jail would release him in 2 hours. 

Get used to this.. Need a place to house folks with mental issues.

From the Crotch



Last night we had folks trying to break in to the empty duplex next to me. I chased them away as they tried to tell me the owner wanted them to get them ready to rent. Since I know the owner I knew it was bullshit.

This morning I awoke to both of my work ladders ($500) being stolen. The alley behind me had more campers. Meanwhile as crime goes up and our neighborhood gets worse we have folks on the city council who seem to not want to support our police officers.

So my advice to all of you is to be sure you have the ability to protect yourself. Please do not be that person who says, “if I only would have had a way to fight back.” It is dangerous, as they are not afraid to come onto your property and steal. We have good cops here. If they were allowed to do their jobs they would not be quitting.

Burglaries, mail theft, stolen property, tires slashed. We even had video evidence and nothing happened. Criminals that cause destruction and steal from us..walk around unpunished. Several of my neighbors have run into the guy who slashed all the tires... he was never even arrested.

The camps are popping up all over. With Fred Meyer gone all those junkies and thieves have to find somewhere else to make up for not having 1.5 million in merchandise in their coffers.

I picked up 62 needles in the alley. A guy was urinating right across from the Catholic School. not even trying to hide what he was doing.

More and more folks wandering around,.. by the way I have only ran into one out of the dozen or so I talked to that are from Portland. One guy at Lents Park told me some lady feeding them told them to make sure they say they are from here.

The slow spiral of the new toilet bowl we used to call Portland.

Very sad!


So last night I think was the official reopening of THE CROTCH, While I was under the impression that this one junkie was an early bird....I was wrong. I posted the picture of the girl who leaned up against a garage door all night high about 8:30.

girl junkie.JPG

At about 9;30 am a guy in shorts and a camo shirt and obviously a street person was walking down the street looking into yards. I asked him what he was doing and he asked me for a cigarette. I told him I did not have one and he said he was just walking around. I told him there has been a lot of vandalism and theft in the area and that most folks had cams. 

He walked away and went behind the Shell into the alley.

A few minutes later I see a guy cutting through my neighbors duplex and into the alley. I walk back there and he is kneeling against the garage with a needle in his arm. He gets up real quick and starts down the alley toward Hing Mings. As I follow him there are three more people in the alley. One guy is leaning against the wall taking a crap, another is going through a pile of trash. The third is hanging over my 6 ft fence looking in my yard. I yell, Get the hell out of the alley. They inform me that they are cleaning it up. I tell them we do not want you to clean it up. I then tell the guy he was lucky my dog was not out there when he stuck his head over the fence. He informed me he would have killed it. I told him that would have been the last act of his pathetic life.

I see they have carts at the end of the alley filled with crap in Hing Ming parking lot. I go into the store and tell Sam the owner that he needs to clear his property as they are coming into the alley.

So Sam is now out there with me and my son and there are now 4 of them. After a little back and forth they start getting their stuff. All this time they are yelling that they are going to fuck up my house..and that they have a right to be there. 

One even told us to call the cops, cause they can't do anything. Sadly he is right…not because they do not want to...but they have no choice.

So here we go ... 6 of them all before noon. 

On my way home about 2:30 I look down the alley as I am driving by and a guy is just pulling up his pants from going to the bathroom against the building. That makes 7 and we still have tonight.

This has got to stop. We should not have to endure another Spring/Summer full of this again.

From the Crotch


So a little after 11 I heard some noise outside. I looked out my window and saw something moving around by the trash cans.  I went outside expecting to find some tweak or loon foraging through my garbage.

As I approached the cans I heard a voice say , Oh it's you Bob. I stepped back as I could not see anyone there. Then suddenly from behind the trash can came a raccoon.

I thought immediately that I was finally having a flashback from all the acid I took back in the 70's. Just then the raccoon jumped up on the can and started rummaging through it.

He said, It's getting bad out here Bob. I used to let the wife and kids come along but no more. It can be dangerous now as we have competition out here now....

I go by myself now. The wife stepped on a needle last week in the alley, and my 2 little ones were playing as we rummaged and when we got home they were covered with human crap. 
The alley is filthy and the scent from them burns my nose.
He then asked…Do those folks have rabies? I said, No…but you’re close.

He said, I used to get an occasional scat..or someone would throw something to scare me away ..but it is different now. One of those crazy people chased me with a machete the other night. My cousin who lives down by Johnson Creek says those loons camped over there are up all night. Says when he goes down to the creek for a drink.. the ground smells like human urine. He said they stay up all night arguing and talking to themselves

I said, Yea it is getting pretty bad. And the rats he said, I never seen so many before and I have been around here for 10 years. We have had to move our nest a few times being overrun by them under houses.

He climbed up a tree to get to the next trash can .. looked in it and then jumped down. He looked up at me and said , Well you have a good night. I said , You too.. see you again sometime... He turned and looked at me and said, I don't think so,,, I am getting the hell out of here...way too dangerous for my family.

From the Crotch


bent coathanger.JPG

Well I woke up this morning....first thing I see while walking my dog is a guy in my driveway. I ask him what he is doing and he replies. Just going through my stuff homeboy. I notice my neighbor down the street is also eyeballing him. I told him I was not his homeboy and that he needed to get off my property. He kept his back toward me and was fiddling with something. I walked over and sure enough he had a hanger all bent up. The kind you use to unlock cars.... on a trash can with his pack was a piece of round wood like a dowel with a credit card stuck in the end of it. As I approached him he fumbled the stuff back into his pack. This time I told him to get the fuck out of here. He wandered away mumbling. My neighbor and I watched him go into the alley by the Shell station where I am sure he disposed of his burglar tools. I was on my way to an appointment and I am sicker then a dog...I did not even bother to report it.
White male - blue sweat pants - blue jacket with grey sleeves. About 30 had a van dyke and shoulder length hair. Carrying a blue back pack.