THE CROTCH - the corner of Bullet Blvd & Bullshit Place.

backyard 1.3.19.JPG
backyard2 1.3.19.JPG

You may not like my description.... But a picture is worth a thousand words.

Fu#k all you advocates. That bullshit narrative you folks push has worn thin in our hood. This poor misunderstood guy who is on the streets because the rent is too high. (What a joke) Here we have a guy who walks the neighborhood taking trash bags and bringing them into the alley to dump them and go through them. We clean this alley up about once a month and they manage to fill it with couches, chairs, mattresses and tons of tweaker crap and of course needles and those beautiful orange caps which seem to be abundant everywhere.

They are destructive, they care about nothing.

The only reason it will be picked up is because I am there to make sure he does.

Yes right here in Lents..on the corner of Bullet Blvd and Bullshit Place.