Downloadable file here - need a Facebook page to access this public page

Abandoned Shopping Carts 888-552-2787 FM / WinCo / Whole Foods / QFC / Safeway  

Abandoned Vehicles 503-823-6814 report illegally parked vehicles VM 503-823-7309

American Addiction Centers - 888-986-1245 handles rehab, detox & addiction

Bike Reporting (Theft / Register) - e-mail:  

Bureau of Development Services (BDS) 503-823-2633 Report squatters / nuisance

Campsite Report Form

Central City Concern - Eastside Campus 503-253-5954 Outpatient services for drug & alcohol treatment

CHIERS 503-238-8132
503-231-3559 Mobile response team to individuals intoxicated or incapacitated by drugs/alcohol.  Available: 1:45 PM-11:45 PM - 7 days a week

Child Abuse Hotline 971-673-7112 Report child abuse 

Child, Family, and Adult Mobile Outreach 503-988-4888 | 800-716-9769 Outreach for individuals in crisis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Culturally competent services 

Crime Prevention 503-823-3505 Yolanda Sanchez - Report squatters 

Crimestoppers 503-823-4357 report all type of crime 

Drug & Substance Abuse Help - 877-785-1947 Substance Abuse Rehab Center

Drug and Vice 503-823-3784 Illegal drug activity and sales 

Fire Department (Non-Emergency) 503-823-3333 - help for elderly/disabled who are injured fallen & can't get up

Gatekeeper Program 503-987-3646 Seniors and disabled at risk 

Health & Social Services Hotline 211 Shelter availability and related services Oregon & SW Washington

Homeless Toolkit on-line kit for information to help homeless

Illegal dumping (RID) 503-234-3000 Trash/furniture/boxes/etc.

Medical (Non-Emergency) Trisha Basler RN 503-449-7285 Medical assessment for homeless people 

Mental Health 503-988-4888 | 800-716-9769 Multnomah County Provides 24 hrs crisis help line

Mental Health 503-655-8585 Clackamas County Provides 24 hrs crisis help line

Mental Health 503-291-9111 Washington County Provides 24 hrs crisis help line

Military Help Line 888-457-4838 Answered by veterans who provide crisis support as well as resources and referrals  

Multnomah Country Animal Shelter 503-988-7387 Emergency & lost/found 

Multnomah County Vector Control 503-988-3464 Rat & mouse infestation 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 Provides 24/7, free and confidential support for individuals in crisis 

ODOT 888-275-6368 Report camps under or near freeway

One Point of Contact 503-823-4000 Report illegal camping - (need to create on-line account) 
PDXreporter (mobile app)

One Point of Contact (Weekly Update)  

Open City Tip Line 866-342-4148 Report corruption/ waste 

Oregon Dept of Veterans' Affairs 503-412-4777 vets who need help

Oregon Humane Society 503-285-7722 Report abuse or neglect of animals 

PAW Team 971-333-0729 Help w/pet expenses/vet/food; very low income

Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank 503-939-7555 Help w/food & vet care

Portland Compliance Codes 503-823-4082 codes & ordinances - dumping "black water"
human waste

Portland Fire Dept (Non-emergency) 503-823-3700 free fire alarms/carbon monoxide detectors for seniors who own their home

Portland Parks & Recreation - Rangers 503-823-1637 Report issues in parks

Portland Parks & Recreation - Security 503-595-3440 Reporting after 3:30 PM / opening locked venues Security Manager - 503-823-5459

Portland Police On-Line Reporting Filing a police report on line

Portland Police (East Precinct Non-Emergency) 503-823-4800  

Portland Police (Neighborhood Response) (NRT) 503-823-4545
Joseph Young - 503-823-9701 e-mail
Robert Brown - 503-545-3913 e-mail

Portland Police (Non-Emergency) 503-823-3333 press 0 to break through the phone tree 

Portland Police (Senior Locks Program) 503-823-0723 Free locks for low income seniors & disabled

Portland Public Schools Communications 503-916-3304 Rosie Siallo

Portland Public Schools Transportation 503-916-6901 Direct safety of children 

Rehab Resources - 888-907-5841 - Explore 166 Rehabs in Portland, OR or nearby

Syringe Disposal Assistance 503-234-3000 sharps/medical waste

Youthline 877-968-8491 Teen to Teen crisis line.  Available 4-10 PM Pacific Time (off-hour calls answered by Lines for Life)
Website: | Text teen2teen to 839863