Yes we rang in the New Year with at least three incidents of shitbags firing guns in our alley. At least a half dozen times I had to yell out my back window to get the F#$K out of the alley.

4:00 AM…Tweaker mad max vehicle pulls up 2 houses down from me and parks. You know the one... the plastic windows, one door tied shut...4 different tires and tags are so old they were probably taken off a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail.

I ask them “what are you doing here?” They said “we broke down.” I then asked “how come all you assholes break down on 83rd and Foster?” They said “someone was coming to help them.”

7:00 AM…. I go to get a coffee and they are still there. I ask the guy if there is something I can do to help them get moved. 

I can smell the funk from the inside of the car..sitting in mine…I can see the car is filled with food wrappers and trash. As he gets up crap is spilling all over the street. He again tells me they will be gone soon.

9:30 AM…Went to the store and while in the parking lot of the Shell station I start talking to Snoop. He was telling me that Jennifer who was known around here as The Angry Hooker died the day after Christmas from complications from AIDS. Jennifer was a fixture in the hood for the last decade at least. I suddenly look around and now there are at least 6 street folks all standing around. I was also given information that there is a house a certain gang is using and that they have taken Asia there on several occasions and assaulted her. Sad what is happening to that young girl.

10:00 am….Neighbors call me and tell me that the folks broke down on the corner are now having some guy drop off a small travel trailer that is already tagged. So..out comes the neighbors.. Same dedicated neighbors that stay involved keeping this block safe...or at least making an attempt.

We confront the guy with the trailer. I tell him.. You are not dropping that here. The couple in the car start to argue. The trailer is already tagged so I know what they are up to. There was some back and forth. They then tried to say they had to disconnect the trailer to jump the car…..I looked at the guy and asked him how stupid do you think I am? Your battery is in the front. He just stared at me. They talked among themselves and the tweaker lady kept buzzing around and every time she got in and out of the car more trash would spill into the street.

I just kept saying get it out of here. He hooked up the trailer and left.

Next another truck pulls up that is converted into a house. He gets out and talks to them, they goof around with the car and then all leave.

10 folks by 10:00 am....so much for the shelter bullshit they serve us.

One thing I can tell you is that this winter so far there are many times the number of folks hanging around then last year.