From the Crotch - September 9, 2018


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Hospital band she posted picture of after "SHE" attacked a community member and cried foul!  Claimed the incident was very upsetting to her and she had to go to the hospital.  She herself has admitted on film that she does have some mental issues. 
 "I as a person with a mental illness, major depressive disorder and anxiety…I tell people this because I feel like that it needs to be normalized and out in society and generalizing anxiety disorder with acute boughs of anxiety|panic attacks.  I also have other schizotypal symptoms and oral hallucinations on occasion."
Makes me wonder why she is still on the board after 10 years?

Elections are coming. Had we a valid section on recalls, this election would have been to replace all of the members, They however have managed to delay and postpone them for 2 years now. By any standard of measure in actions by an NA that is pathetic.

There is a draft out there by the By Law Committee headed by Sabina Urdes that needs to be looked at, have adjustments and then passed by the membership.

This board for too many years has been a one person show who has bullied and controlled what is supposed to be a Neighborhood Association.

Two past chairs that were female and minorities were forced off this board when they would not go along with the status quo that has made our LNA Board the joke of the NA's throughout Portland. Four board members just resigned over the constant badgering and interference by other board members.

While there are many areas in Lents that are going through bad times with crime and the homeless situation the focus of the board under its current leadership has been on the new construction.

Past and current board members have withheld information regarding our neighborhood as they believe they know what we should know and not know.

There are other groups in this community that have been fighting to bring some type of sanity back to Lents, not a section of Lents.....but the entire neighborhood.

The current direction of this board is one of exclusion, self promotion and questionable ethical behavior as board members.

The new By Laws will make it so that board members are not only accountable to the board...but to the membership.

There is a stark contrast between the unauthorized By Laws proposed by certain board members and the authorized set put forth by a legitimate sitting committee.

The author and leader of that unauthorized committee helped with the By Laws that we are replacing on at least 3 different occasions during her tenure. We do not need to repeat that mistake.

Ironically the act of submitting those By Laws without board approval or any input from the membership directly correlates with the 3 violations found against this member.

THe Neighborhood Association should represent all Lents residents, regardless of their location,religion, race,gender, sexual orientation disabilities, or political affiliation. It is about time it happens.