From the Crotch - September 10, 2018



I have it from a very reliable source that Cora Potter and Barbara Bader have resigned from the board.

I would like to thank Cora for her time on the board and her thoughtful decision to move on to other things.

Ms Bader has also moved on and that is a good thing for this board. In order to become a real NA responsible to the community and not a small group of those who think the same her departure was necessary. I am afraid however, in her case I cannot thank her for her service as she provided none. She was a tool used by others to do their bidding. Thank goodness that has ended.

Elections are coming up and I for one am curious to see who comes forward to fill these seats. I hope that what does not happen is that a group just like the one that left only with a different opinion does not think they will now rule.

The board should be made up of those that are in tune with the rest of the community. In Lents as far as I can tell we do not want camps or tents. We want safe streets and the ability to engage in the NA without being excluded for our positions on a matter.

I intend to continue to be as hard on the next group if they practice exclusion. Hope this can bring a change to the direction it was going and perhaps bring back some integrity to the board.

We must all be aware that there will be those that will try and load and stack the board and play the same game all over again.

Let's make sure that does not happen!