From the Crotch - September 6, 2018


I am working with Sgt Randy Teig as well as other officers and agencies on the problem around 84th and Foster and the alley issue. I am posting my letter to him and his response. You can see that he has already been contacted by the State Police in connection with OLCC and Oregon Lottery. I appreciate their quick responses and involvement. Sooner or later that alley will be a crime scene for something horrible. My neighbors and I have been threatened by folks with machetes, boards, pipes, bricks and even threats of arson to our homes. Hopefully we can get some action here.

The clean up is scheduled and we plan to have media out there. I hope that in the not to far off future I can change the name of my posts to FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD and not the CROTCH which right now is a fitting name.

Here is letter and response.


A great deal of the problems we are having with my neighborhood and the alley, stem from the store on 84th and Foster. We had a National Night Out there just about 2 years ago where we did a giant clean up. We had PGE put a light in the alley. Several commissioners and I believe Captain King and others attended.

It stayed that way for about 7 months then started going back down hill. It is now to a state where we are hauling tons of garbage out of there. It is full of junkies daily and we pick up about 30 rigs a day.

I have been told by the homeless that the owner of that business sells crack pipes and syringes. 

The overflow from there winds up in the alley.

I spoke to a Detective McIntyre from the State Police who works for OLCC and have calls into the Oregon State Lottery. There is drug use in that parking lot and alley continuously, as well as prostitution. They crap and urinate back there to a point where neighbors on the block are complaining of flies...and the rodent population is brave enough to come out and say hello during the day.

I know that you are a busy man and I am the last one to misuse or bother PPD on issues that I can probably have more success with as a private citizen, then you guys can as law enforcement. That statement from me comes with sadness. I am no dummy to how it works.

I would ask if it is possible to get you or an officer that can speak with us to meet us at the clean up we have scheduled for this alley on September 15th. If not that day any day prior to that. This group along with me have cleaned this alley a dozen times..only to find it like it is today...only a few days later. It is disgusting, it is unhealthy and unsafe.

I will be forwarding that Detectives number to you, I do not have that phone with me at this time.

Like always Randy you know that I along with my group members both privately and publicly support law enforcement. Most of us understand the limitations and barriers you and your officers have to work with.

The recent ruling of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals further spits in the face of both citizens and police officers by their ambiguous ruling in that Idaho case. The only relief I have is knowing that this ruling came from a court that has been overturned by the Supreme Court in 79% of their decisions.

I have no issue with homeless folks and have helped many. Confusing homeless folks with criminals and service resistant folks is a very grave mistake by our Mayor.

Robert Santangelo

His response:


The detective did contact me a couple weeks ago he said he was looking into it. I will have Mele and Ramic check it out and see if there is something we can do that will have a long term impact.