The Sky is Not Falling! - September 12, 2018



Seems that whatever board we had left has decided to resign and those who had terms running out have decided not to communicate with anyone.


I woke up this morning and my lights are still on. Water is running. I called City Hall and they are all up and going. Salem is holding hearings... CNN/FOX and MSNBC are up and going spewing their daily misinformation. Construction is still going on. I saw no signs at Oliver Station that said, NO LNA NO WORK!

Somehow there has been this belief fostered by board members that this NA has some important role in our daily lives. It does not.

The NA's were formed originally to give neighborhoods a chance to get information and get community feedback. 

They were given a voice in the process…but never a vote.

The parting shot by those who controlled the board for years is a mere bump in the road. It shows the real character of those who for years who tried to convince us just how important it was to residents. It never was. It is something that is beneficial...but it has never been necessary.

So lets not have a freak out. 22,000 folks in Lents never attended meetings and I am sure 22,000 have no idea that right now we have no board.

Whatever steps taken over the next few weeks to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I hope they do not resort to the same questionable actions and ethics of the ones that just left.

This in my mind amounts to that Emergency Broadcast that breaks into your TV in the wee hours of the morning .... only to find it was just a test. I promise we will survive.

That said, Myself I am more concerned about how long it is going to take for Cosmic Coffee to get back up...not the LNA.