From the Crotch - August 29, 2018


Last nights LNA meeting proved quite interesting. If you remember the last meeting video, it showed the rude behavior of a board member screaming at Robert Schultz who volunteers to film the meetings.

Ms. Bader who was less than 2 feet from Robert got pretty loud in her question about whether the camera was rolling. What was she worried about - it would be filmed?

If you watched further you saw Paul the "Interference Officer" from ONI totally ignore the outburst and behavior of Bader and ask Robert why he did not respond. How clearly biased his actions were.

What should have happened is he should have asked Ms. Bader why she felt she had to scream at Robert, which I felt was very intimidating. This is not accidental  .The board does not want Robert there filming them. Why? Because it shows the community the truth about their behavior and also their false claims about all the hard work they put in.  It is laughable.

Next a vote was taken to post Sabina Urdes draft of the By-Laws she had produced as Chair of the By Laws Committee. 

By-Laws that have gone undone for 2 years under the leadership of Potter, who I am sure would love to have no By-laws.

Of course Bader and Potter attempted to question her position as Committee Chair. After that failed, there was a motion which was passed by the membership to post the draft on the LNA page for comment.

This was the same process done with the Code of Conduct. 6 of 10 posts regarding the code were removed or hidden by Ms. Potter on the LNA page. That means 60% of the feedback (that we know of) was deleted or hidden. Nothing like transparency and inclusion huh!

None of the posts, and I have them....violated any Facebook rules or were in any way a violation of any terms. There was no profanity, no threats, just peoples reactions

I guarantee that in addition to the grievance that is being filed for that action, this time we are considering a different process to protect our right to have a voice in a public form. One that will provide a more significant and final relief for this behavior. 

It will then also become clear if this is a board action.. or the action of an individual.

Finally we move to Chris.. poor Chris. He sits as an illegitimate board member, attempting to push a Code of Conduct on the community that he himself could not even follow.

Comments about his draft of a code were... "It is .. Subjective, Alienating, Vague."  Instead of giving one a Code of Conduct he provided a list of rules that no one could abide by.  His code was voted down by the membership.

To add to the hypocrisy he got into a heated discussion with Schultz, who pointed out to him that he by his demeanor and responses, had just violated the very Code of Conduct he authored.

And of course then came the typical snowflake response....

Chris's reply was that they had not been approved yet so they were not in effect. I kid you not! Hopefully he will crawl back into wherever he was for the last 2 years and let those who have some knowledge about the problem attempt to find a solution. Perhaps he and Paul can work together on some future projects...outside of Lents!

Finally it is time for us to say goodbye to Paul from ONI. 
He from what I am told is not returning.

Perhaps now we will get a person who makes decisions and upholds the rules set forth for NA's based on their merit instead of who filed them,,,and who they are against.

Happy Trails!