The Last Nerve - August 31, 2018


The last nerve.

I am afraid we have reached the end of the line. We have run out of patience. I have very little compassion left for the scum that wanders our streets day and night destroying our neighborhoods. We have had 4 burglaries on our block in the last year and numerous accounts of theft and destruction.  One of them was a vacant house, The other three were minority folks in the neighborhood that most likely did not even report it. The last one I just found out about.. They broke a window to get in and stole a very precious piece of jewelry from the folks, among other things. Very sad.

They have been lucky in picking the houses they have broken into as they haven't hit mine, I would finish off anything the dog left.

The alley has been a major part in what is happening in this area and sadly so has Hing Ming's on the corner of 84th and Foster. Several years ago we worked with him to clean that alley and spruce up his building and try to get him to control the folks that hang out there. It worked for almost a year, but has rapidly declined and has gotten worse then it ever was.

It is time to stop it. If that means closing down a business then so be it. Folks in the surrounding neighborhood should not have to endure this any longer. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt.

We have been told that pipes and syringes are being sold in the area and if this is true it needs to stop...and stop now. I am all for a person trying to feed their family.. but not off the misery of an entire neighborhood.

It has to come to an end now!

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Hing Ming's 2.JPG