Crotch Alley - June 20, 2018


Yes as I walked the alley (now 3 or 4 time daily ritual) I found a guy fast asleep. At first I thought he was having a seizure. Both his legs were shaking. I called out to him and asked him what was up. I told him about his legs. I said, "You do a lot of meth?"  He said "yes."  I told him he could not be back here slamming dope. He said the owner told him it was cool as long as he did not slam. I told him I knew the owner and I doubt he said that. Just then the homeowner came into the alley. When I asked him if he gave this guy permission he became a little irate. Before long there were 5 of us and the folks in the apartments just above where he was sitting. They are new here.  I asked the man if they had kids and then warned him about the junkies throwing needles over the fence.

After a back and forth where he was attempting to convince us he had the right to be there he finally left. His words as he left .. "I will burn your house down."  So all you advocates better wake up.  How many attacks have their been on homeowners and residents?  How many times have we heard threats like this. No one in our group made any threats to him... until the burn your house down comment.

After he left I moved the tarp he was on and there were 2 freshly used needles....and about 12 feet down there was a nice pile of shit up against an apartment building.

By the way to the folks that claim they are not animals...your right.. even animals don't act like this.

People do not feel safe. While we hear bullshit stories of homeless being harassed.. those of us living in it know the truth,,,,,,,,

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