Quit Needling Me! - August 27, 2018



These are a few pictures I took at Wal-Greens on 82nd and Holgate. Among the nasty camps all around it, I found this right up against the back of the store just around from the pharmacy drive thru. Must have been 50 needles in one little corner. I was on my way to an appointment and called Char to get on the phone with them and tell them to clean that nasty crap up. Thank you Mr. Wheeler for allowing these scumbags to not only terrorize neighborhoods but local businesses also.

The junkie robber and dope peddler has been banished from the neighborhood...since his absence we have noticed a huge reduction in folks on that side of 83rd's alley problem.

Thanks to Brad, Anna, John, Rita, Old John, the folks that adjoin us on 84th, and my kids for getting involved. A day at a time.

Still amazes me as to the ignorance of those who live among us and have no idea what the hell is even going on in their own neighborhood...

garbage 2.JPG