More...from the Crotch - June 8, 2018

More from the Crotch!

This morning we were greeted by a few drug dealers. You know the old saying....The early dealer gets the junkie. Well, Brad first saw them at 5 AM.  At 6 AM I came outside (morning yogi) and watched as 2 cars parked down by the Shell were selling their goodies.

On my way to coffee I stopped and asked them what they were doing here and they said. "just talking". Two males - one blonde female.

At about 7:30AM John and his wife came out, Brad and Anna and me and my son Josh. They waved at I walked over and he said his name but I can;t remember it...He then said they were homeless and just parked.  Brad and my son came walking up and we explained that this was not the block to be on. Brad told them that he had seen Asia at their vehicle. I told them I had seen 2 other stop by and it was obvious what they were doing. They left.

10 minutes later a person at gunpoint stole a car from someone at the Shell Station.

At 10:30 when I got back from bidding a job there were three folks in my alley.

I just got back to this post after almost an hour in the alley I was taking some pictures so you could better understand what is going on here

While out there I came across a new camp that just sprung up over the last few hours. Where they get all this crap to drag back here I have no clue.

This one was sleeping.. all around the pad he was on were needles and garbage. Asked him if he was okay and he jumped up talking some crazy stuff about how us people that own things are fucking the world. Brad, John and other neighbors came out and he got more and more crazy. At one point he picked up a board and came at me swinging it.

By this time yes,,, same concerned folks out there, as this is our neighborhood. He finally left after a lot of crazy talk. 

The police came, we gave him a description. Brad even offered him a ride to a shelter and he refused, By the way.... he says his girlfriend is 8 1/2 months pregnant and they are not going to a hospital to have it.

Remember the alley I am showing you was cleaned up not too long ago by our group, Char has pictures of it after the cleanup...This is what it looks like now..with dozens of needles,,,

sleeping junkie.JPG
sleepy time.JPG
more trash2.JPG
prized possessions.JPG
more trash.JPG
little nap.JPG
illgotten gains.JPG