More From the Crotch! - May 30, 2018


I was so caught up yesterday will the gunshots that I forgot to mention the other incident. My neighbor tells me that back in the alley is a van and some people unloading it. I went back and confronted them. I asked one of the guys what they were doing, He told me they were taking parts off the van. I looked and crap was everywhere. I said you are not stripping this back here and leaving it. Load this crap up and move along before I call the police. They reluctantly did....and I guess to get back at me when they left decided to dump off a dresser a table and a cabinet at the other end of the alley.

Today at the Shell a guy was in the dumpster. He was having lunch which consisted of the old out dated and non refrigerated burritos from the store. Worrying about the liability of this guy being in the dumpster the manager went out and told him he could not be in there. The guy reacted by standing by the dumpster and throwing about a dozen or so burritos at him. I guess he threw a fit.

A half hour ago I looked out the back and saw a young gentleman squatted against the fence reading a paper taking a crap. I crept out there and yelled ..."What the hell are you doing?" He stood up fast and when he did he crapped on one of his shoes and almost fell as his pants fell down around his ankles.

He became angry took his shoe off and scooped up some poop and tossed it as he yelled, F*^k you.. I got in my truck and drove through the alley and he was gone. I did see the shoe in the road on 84th so he must have decided he did not want it anymore.

This is not a joke. Stabbings, shootings, massive car theft, burglaries, drugs, needles, crap, abandoned vehicles .. like a Mad Max movie. Remember when the series The Walking Dead was considered Sci-Fi?

For those who can care less as you are not subjected to this yet... don't will be near you soon!