Much Much More from the Crotch - June 22, 2018


About 11:30 PM last night my neighbor calls saying there are several folks in her alley setting up camp. I get dressed and go over only to find 3 or 4 folks behind her house right across from me that are setting up camp. The reason these folks are there is obvious to most of us here. The old Dental Office has had some folks living on the property in an old car. I have talked to the guy several times telling him that his abandoned vehicle is a draw for SR people.

After chasing them from the alley he approaches us drunk and tells us he is trying to help them. Now this guy claims that the owner has hired him as a caretaker. I have a problem with that. Seems Mr. Caretaker has to use the bathroom at Shell to wash up and go to the bathroom. So why does the owner who thinks enough of him to be the caretaker,,,,not give him a key so he can use the bathroom???????????????????

The people setting up camp were Asia and 2 guys who, no doubt were with her because she had money or dope. Knowing she would pass out in the alley.. they can rob her while she is nodding... Yes...they are cannibals.

So this drunk is telling us...(the group of folks that has made dozens and dozens of calls to try and get help for Asia) that he is helping her.....Insane! There were neighbors from 4 homes out there pretty pissed last night and the owner is going to hear from us.

More... Now the above ended about 1 or 1:30 AM . At 6 this morning I go out to find a red convertible parked in front of my house with trash everywhere around it. A young black man is sitting there. I say hello and he responds. As I am walking my dog I look between the apartments to see a camp set up in the back yard of a vacant house.

After looking further I see at least 15 duffel bags and carry all bags leaning against the fence. I walk back there and the person has constructed a makeshift fence and has literally picked up all of the trash that was back there. I am serious when I say picked it all up. If you had seen it before ...

Anyway this girl Denise shows up blonde hair about 30 and tell me she is just leaving...that her husband kicked her out and left her stuff in the alley???

I help her load all the stuff into this red convertible. The guys says nothing.  Denise is crying. Then I find out they have no gas. I load them up with gas and they leave. It never stops here folks. 24/7 7 days a week.