The Crotch of Lents - September 13, 2017

The Crotch of Lents

So they just busted a younger girl, long blonde hair, on my block trying to break into a house across from Automotive Outfitters on 83rd and Foster. She was removing the screen and the folks across the street John and Rita called it in. 

Actually watched them put cuffs on her. Officer said she also had a warrant.

Last night a guy dressed in black with a red scarf attacked the Automotive Outfitters building with some type of baton. He was on video acting like a Ninja and left damage to the window about the size of a bowling ball....Hey Jo Cooper Nearing....your assessment of the crime wave in Lents is a tad bogus!

Ninja and Goldilocks both happened the same day... at almost the same location ...yea things are better then last year ,,,,,right! The crotch of Lents is worse than it has been in all the years I have been here...