From the Crotch - November 2, 2018


Trick or Treat

This year we saw the fewest amount of kids in our neighborhood. Go over to Laurelhurst or other areas outside Lents and there are dozens and dozens of kids out. Not here. 
There are few areas left they trick or treat at. Sad!


Talk, talk, talk about how to solve the problem with the violent and destructive protesting. Very simple solution Prosecute the criminals. We must have a whole lot of jail space as it seems there are few crimes left to get arrested for.

Example: Guy in my alley sitting on a cardboard box with a broken piece of a car mirror trying to fix in his neck. I yell out the window “What are you doing?” He replies, “F^&K you!”
I told him to move on and take his garbage with him. We are sick of cleaning your crap up! He is now angry because I am interrupting him from getting high. He drops his pants and craps, picks up a paper bag wipes himself and smears it on the fence. Do I call the police? No. Why...because they can do little. Even if they did.. he would be out before they did the paperwork.

So ...Mr. Mayor.....

Go to YOUTUBE and play all the videos of people breaking the law during those protests. Arrest the ones that destroyed property, prosecute them and after they get out of jail make them pay for the damage.

Get all of the folks that were involved in assaults and charge them with a Measure 11 crime. Guarantee others following will think twice.

Those folks that stop cars, prevent pedestrians not involved in the protesting to have free movement on the streets and sidewalks. Charge them with false imprisonment or in some cases even kidnapping. Protesting should never be limited ... only the behavior at one. 
Like the Star Wars adage Ted...... Use the force!


Last month there was an election for board members. 24 residents voted and they could not fill all the seats required. 

Last week they had a continuation of that election. 18 residents showed. That is a drop of 25%. In total we have had 42 voters to seat 8 folks ...or just over 5 residents per seat. 
Is that a Lents wave????. If 100 folks come to a meeting and there are only 11 residents.. you are a failure. You had a grand opportunity to start fresh and you blew it! The proof is in the numbers. 99.99 % of Lents residents can't be wrong. By the way; technically since I got 1 vote (even though I did not run) and another person got one vote but she was elected to another seat; I am the Treasurer. I hereby call for an audit and respectfully resign.


Many probably read the rant on a local Facebook page concerning new businesses coming to Lents. The bigoted comments it drew got a few replies.

I cannot speak for those businesses but I am sure they do not want to be connected to the hate speech and racist remarks concerning white males or any racial or gender discriminatory remarks. I believe that either business involved will gladly do business with all residents.

Obviously these are ignorant statements by those who have no idea what is involved in running a business. A successful business person cares less about gender, race, political affiliation, or religious belief.

This is nothing new here. Last year the Revolution Church put on an event at the park and there was a post about religion on that same page. I guess when they say diversity they mean..except for white males and religious organizations, or folks not in their political party...