From the Crotch - October 25, 2018


This was posted on Nextdoor. It will probably be removed as the content will no doubt upset the snowflakes. Below the post is my response

Tell me something good....

My husband and I just moved to the area, and we love our new house and the neighbors seem to be lovely. HOWEVER, and maybe I was super naive in moving here, but ever since getting on Nextdoor I have been shocked at the number of car and house break-ins (too close for comfort to our address!) in this area. Its daily and the fear is beginning to get to me. I'm anxious leaving for work wondering if I'll come home to a burglarized house (my one and only concern there is our dog getting loose and lost).

I knew this area had some crime, but this is something else. There seems to be (understandable!) frustration in the community.

I guess I would like reassurance that this neighborhood isn't all bad- I want to love it here. Please tell me good things about this neighborhood- I need some positivity! (Also: ideas on how I can get involved in making this neighborhood a safer place are welcome!).

-New Neighbors

Dear New Neighbors

Welcome to Lents. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. Had you went on the LNJ page or the LNLA page you would have probably given it a second thought before moving here.

I used to try and post the number of squatter houses, and the issues going on here on the I Love Lents page or the Neighborhood Assoc. page but was blocked from both long ago with countless others.

I have lived here over 20 years. It has never been perfect, but it was doable. No more. I often wondered if realtors were kicking something down to admins for making this place sound like a quiet little neighborhood.

The NA board and the I Love Lents page do not provide any factual information on conditions here.

Three years ago when things started going south we tried to get the NA involved. They denied the issues even existed. No different now. These groups receive money and rewards from the city so expect little truth in what they say.

Don't feel bad. I have a neighbor across from me that was told by the realtor he bought from that this area was going to be the next Hawthorne. That was almost 13 years ago....and if you check, that line was use for at least the last 2 decades.

If you live in one of the new construction buildings you were probably led to believe the same. Well, I am sorry.. they lied to you.

Lents has been on a steady downfall for the last 3 years. Crime, homelessness and drug use is everywhere, Some areas worse then others. I know of at least 14 different folks that were decent hardworking people that finally just gave up and left. Your post is not the first time I have read about folks feeling they were deceived ... just a little.

I live just off 83rd and Foster. If you noticed my post says “From the Crotch”.... that is not meant to be funny. It is a very real and honest description of that area.

You can go to either the Lents Neighborhood Livability page or the Lents Neighbors for Justice page and ask folks on there. You might not like what you hear…but it will be the truth.

I am sorry this happened to you and your family. You’re not the first and you will not be the last. My advice is however to go somewhere besides ILL or the NA page for what is going on.

My advice. Be very aware of your homes chances of being broken into. Be aware that they also steal pets in this area. Your vehicle and anything left outside at night. .If you have packages coming get a neighbor to hold them for you. 

Be careful of needles. They wind up in your yard, the parks and throughout the neighborhood. Feces and urine are also pretty common even in public places.

Had you asked on our pages….you may have at least had a better understanding of what it is really like...

Welcome to Lents!

NA Meeting

Does anyone have information on who was elected if anyone? No website, silly irrelevant posts on the Facebook page. Still censoring comments.. We are also waiting for the "New Bylaws" that we heard they were going to get passed quickly...Seems like now it is going to take awhile. In fact it was one of the reasons they used to rush the election. 

Geez, perhaps it is impossible for this neighborhood to get any board members to follow though with anything in a transparent and responsible way. This is what happens when you continue to have a board made up of city employees, or folks looking for a job or stipend from government.

Neighborhood Associations should be independent. Should not seat any employees and not be overseen by anyone but residents of the neighborhood.


We reached out to 3 schools in Lents. We got 10 names from Oliver P. Lents School and we had 3 already. We did not hear back from Kelly School so we offered the remaining 12 to Earl Boyles School and should have the remaining names soon.

Thanks to Char and David for all their work. To Penny who worked a couple of extra shifts at Shimmers 😎, Bob Field, Stuart Schmaltz, Brian Jeanseau, Mary Oxford, Carmelina Wills, Krista Dennis, Julie and Cliff Whitmore, Kathi Gibson, Michelle Matthews Crawford, Daryl Turner’s Office, East Precinct, Fred Meyer and everyone else at our meeting who gave generously to our cause. I apologize for forgetting people’s names. I can't remember everyone there are so many. You guys are going to make Thanksgiving a little better for 24 families.. You rock!

By the way... All of this was done by community members with NO proceeds coming from city, county, state or federal government...that is why it goes so smoothly!.

PS: By the way the author of this article is purchasing the 24 turkeys along with the dinner rolls. THANK YOU ROBERT SANTANGELO!