From the Crotch - Robin Hood Lives! - November 21, 2018

First I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all get to spend time with those you love.

Our Turkey Dinner operation went great. Instead of 25 we wound up giving out 32 dinners. Our apologies to Kelly Head Start Program for not having any resources left however we did notify Kelly School a month ago. We will gladly get you on next years list. Might want to check and see where the miscommunication was? Hmmm. Hope all the families we helped have a wonderful day.

Thanks to Penny, Char, David, Cliff, Julie and Kathy for delivering them!



With Mental Illness

Yesterday I got a call there was a tent in the alley. My son and I drove back there only to find a couple that had set up camp. While there a neighbor from the other side of the alley came out. We told the guy he needed to move. I gave him a bunch of numbers and addresses to ask for help,

While there I noticed that next to the tent there was a compound bow as well as several nasty hunting arrows. I asked him what he was carrying that for and he did not respond

I then asked him what his problem was? Why are you on the streets? Are you strung out? Alcohol? He told me that he has issues adjusting. I said, “then you have mental issues?” He said, “Yes.”

I then said, Well can you see why I might be concerned about a person who has mental issues behind my house with a very deadly weapon? He agreed. He was taking down his tent when we left and I told him to get rid of the bow before he gets his butt shot by a resident or officer that may think he is going to hurt someone.

A special THANKS and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our Mayor, who I am sure will enjoy a lovely quiet dinner,,,without campers, mentally ill or compound bows.

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