From the Crotch and much more! - October 7, 2018

Thomas Legg

Thomas Legg

Comcast Bill

Comcast Bill


The Brood Boys / Thomas Legg / SQUATTER HOUSES / and other nonsense!

We had a house two years ago in the triangle that we noticed had some squatters in it. Thomas and I went there to see what the story was. The folks we talked to on the trail told us that one girl who was supposedly the girlfriend of the gang leader who was in prison. There were also 2 names we were given that belonged to two of the three males staying there. They were on parole after just getting out of prison.

We found from researching that the owner was not only in foreclosure but he was in the hospital dying. 

We drove and and made our plan. I grabbed a Comcast bill that was on my dashboard. We banged on the door and they answered telling us that they had permission from the owner. They even knew his name. They said he was allowing them to fix the place up while they lived there.

Tom and I told them we had purchased the place months ago and I held up the Comcast bill stating it was a deed. 

I then said to the gentleman, Aren't two of you guys on parole?

The story changed immediately. They did not want the police involved and said they would move out. Now these squatters did not just have blankets and clothes….They had literally moved in beds, couches and stuff and had set up housing there.

They were pretty scared as this would have been a parole violation and back to the joint they would have went. 

We told them we would give them 3 days to move. We also said they had to leave it clean or we would file a report. 

We went by everyday and like they said, They were moving out. When Tom and I went over on the 3rd day they were gone.

There was a note saying they finished the painting on the outside, cleaned up all the trash and they even cut the grass and cleaned the yard. 

We found the brother of the guy who owned it and he moved in. Never had a problem with that house again. 

Amazing what you can get done with an old Comcast bill.

Hope to see a lot of you on the 20th of October at the Thomas Legg Memorial ........


Since the sham election there have been 3 attempts to post by the new self appointed board. All were removed and the following was explained.

The pages began when folks had no where they could voice their opinions. On ILL and on the LNA pages folks were blocked, censored or had their posts deleted if they did not conform to whatever crap was being pushed.

If you as a newly appointed member of the LNA wish to post on either LNJ, I Love Lents 2 or the LNLA page you can do so, as soon as the LNA page is open for posting and commenting to all residents of Lents.

In all three cases I got no response back.



David Potts and I went by there last night. You can see from looking in the windows that this place is still pretty active, The house is filled with garbage that they have hauled in. How horrible this neighborhood has to put up with this. We spoke to the guy who lives close by that just moved here last year. He said they are in and out all night. Other neighbors are terrified and worry about leaving their homes alone even to go to work. If you folks get a chance call this one in 10326 SE KNIGHT. I will be posting pictures later.

86th Court and Insley

The woman who was concerned about the campers in her alley just texted me stating they have moved. After 3 visits by David, Char and myself we convinced them that they needed to move to a different location. When I was there at 3:30 am there were 6 folks there and I told them if they were not gone in the morning that we were going to gather neighbors and call in the media. I know about half of the folks that were hanging there… not anyone you would want within a half mile of your home. Glad they are gone so these folks who live in that area can relax...


We, as can be verified from the numerous posts on the subject all but begged these few folks pushing for a quick fix to slow down. We heard many excuses:

1. Someone was running they did not want on the board I will not post his name. False
That person claims he never ran, nor did he ever tell anyone he was. And even if he did, what type of board is this to choose who can run? 

2. Lets have the election now and you can vote yes or no to those who run.? False
There is no provision to vote NO. Since there were only 4 positions with nominees all it took was one vote.

3. We have to hurry as we will not have a board. False
There is no board now. This boards first action as a board is to violate its own rules, You had a general election where you could not fill the mandatory seats required. Game over.

4. No need to wait…everyone knows the elections are on September. 
Which means they chose not to vote.

There was no hurry. In fact waiting and slowing the process down may have had much better results then the 24 total that showed for a general election.

Fact is they could not even fill the open required seats with nominees. Both our By Laws and ONI standards require that the 7 seats SHALL be filled. This board is not legitimate. The inability to fill the 7 required seats speaks for itself. We have a board that was nominated by one person and voted in by a max of 24 votes!! Really ?

Now they claim they are going to have another election to fill the seats. Where does it say you can do that? Remember these are the same folks that said we could not put the election off for one month..who now come back and say they are having an election in one month. The hypocrisy oozes.

So lets be factual. The membership did not show. The board could not fill the required positions. We have no LNA Board. Most did not know they existed before.... I am sure very few will be aware of its absence. If it takes a vote to convince you, that can be easily arranged.

Let's put in on the agenda for the November meeting and vote to keep it... or dig a hole and bury it! I will bring a shove!