From The Crotch - October 9, 2018


Nancy Cat brought up the subject of skunks and ferals today on the page. As long as we are talking about things that smell, might as well discuss the upcoming second election of our new self appointed NA board.

The board members, all nominated by one person and seated with a mandate landslide of votes (between 20 and 22 ). The problem is that they have not filled even the required amount of seats to be an NA.

At a general election they failed to fill the mandatory board seats.

Everyone that has read the pages saw that we asked, requested and even pleaded to postpone the election until October to give folks more time. Nope we got a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why it HAD to happen.

Well, now they are having another election in October????? because they cannot get enough folks to even want to belong.

Big question? Why did they not just wait? That answer will be clear soon, however I am waiting for phase II of this sham to unfold

By the way, like the last election you will not know who is running or have an opportunity to meet and speak with them. You only need to take the word of those now running the show, that everything is under control. Heavy emphasis on the word “control.”

Today is October 9th and as of yet there are no names. But don't concern yourself with details, THEY have everything under control.

Yep, we can detect the smell of ferals and skunks as it is not a very common odor. The smell of this sham however is very familiar to the nostrils of most in Lents.

I am sure that the city agencies that run and control our board have given them their blessings.

If you would like to make a difference please come attend an LNLA meeting. No bosses, no egos, no drama, just a community meeting not controlled by the city. Where folks discuss Lents issues and get involved in helping Lents residents. Run by and for the people who reside here.

Open, diverse, transparent and independent!

We are not alone. There are many neighborhoods that are frustrated by the behavior of their NA's. I, for one believe it is discrimination for them to acknowledge one community group over another, especially if they are the controlling entity.

Community groups should be recognized for the work they do and should not be penalized or ignored because they are independent of city control.

Read the article about the Downtown Neighborhood Association.