From the Crotch - Thomas Legg | Daryl Turner - October 5, 2018

Daryl Turner PPS

Daryl Turner PPS


About a month ago both Hing Ming’s and the Space Age gas station were broken into on 84th and Foster. I did not post anything as I did not want to give a heads up to the bad guys. We have since been given the names of the three that did this and passed it on to the owners who I assume will notify the police. One of them is the person we have identified twice as shooting guns off in the alley. This guy needs to get a vacation behind bars.

I hear these same names involved in various crimes and incidents around the hood.

The alley between 83rd and 84th is on its second week of being clean. Outside of a few needles and a little trash it has stayed reasonably clean....

Don't forget the Thomas Legg Memorial on the 20th. It is posted on the page. Tommy dedicated the last 3 years of his life to the SWT and the Lents neighborhood in making it a better place to live.

He was sadly taken from us after a liver transplant. All that knew him come celebrate his life. If you did not know him.. come and find out who he was.

Sgt Randy Teig, East Precinct

Sgt Randy Teig, East Precinct

On the 11th we have Daryl Turner coming to the meeting at KingPins. Come to a meeting where you actually get to engage, it is refreshing.

I was on the By Laws Committee for the LNA until the election...suddenly there is no more activity. Plenty of contact previously..but then again.. who believed anything would change. From the attendance only 24. No problem. Just let me know when they are passed as there are some removals of board members that need to be addressed.

There is a camper living at the dead end street of 86th Ct off Insley, It is our old friend Renee. I went by there telling her that people were concerned and she claims there are guys that come around at night uninvited. If you live by that camp and can get any pictures please do. There has already been a car break in not 50 ft from it in the NAYA parking lot.

You folks that care please call this in. There are some folks that live by there that are frightened. I guess they have called and as of yet no results. Lets help them out.