From the Crotch - August 12, 2018


If there is any doubt in any minds as to why Fred Meyers closed, I think this map below of yesterday's criminal activity in our area speaks volumes,

Looks like Wal-Mart got hammered yesterday and there was a shooting and robbery in with the usual thefts and assaults. Think about it.  If the store caught 5 or 6 shoplifters... that means there were how many times that more that got away? I noticed they had an employee and a security guard at the food side exit.

Again the average drug addict does from $60 to $100 a day in drugs. ( That info is not from any gov survey but from the users themselves) $1800 to $3000 per month ,,,,now multiply that by 100. Residents wind up paying taxes out of one pocket for these folks and higher costs for consumer products due to high theft.

Not sure how good the information is however I am told that an Asian Market may be going in the old Fred Meyer building. 

Same person who told me this made mentioned that we in Lents are not being given complete and updated information on issues from our board. Apparently they decide what they think we should hear.

The construction in the area is really hurting local business. I for one think they should be compensated. 

If the city can waste millions on service resistant folks they can pony up to local businesses that are financially impacted by these crazy ideas they call improvements. The Foster project that was hatched 15 years ago is a disaster even before completion. Yesterday at 11:30 I was returning home and ran into a traffic back up on Foster between 52nd and 72nd. I have driven that street for 30 years and never ran into anything like that unless there was an accident or construction...their was neither.