From the Crotch! - August 26, 2018

So after chasing about a dozen out of the alley this weekend, we were pleasantly surprised that the alley has twice as much trash and debris as last week. Yes, I will not doubt for the ? time ( I lost count) I will clean it up again.

You can see they were coloring and they even have a Christmas tree stand back there. You have to give them credit for planning early

The biggest surprise however is the portable vagina they left there. It is made of rubber and has all the details.

Just the thing for those lonely nights in the alley.. a hit of dope and then snuggle up to Virginia the Virtual Vagina.

Now in my wildest stories about what they drag back here I cannot top this one.

No I am not crazy yet folks.... but they are working at it....

Unbelievable !!!.

Virginia the Virtual Vagina
Christmas base.JPG