FROM THE CROTCH - bullets flying

car with bullet hole.PNG

This is what took place with the shots fired the other day at the Space Age on 84th and Foster. Three guys in a Lexus were getting gas. Another car traveling down Foster caught their eye and a shoot out between them began.

This is right across the street from where a murder happened just a few days prior. It is also just a couple of houses away from where folks had bullets come through the wall in their apartment.

The picture is of a vehicle that was in the gas station during the shooting. The station owner said that this guy."never" got out of his vehicle when he came there.  For some reason he did...when he came back out there was a bullet hole through his windshield and through the drivers seat which would have hit him about chest level.

God was there that day to protect that man.....where the hell is our Mayor.

There are several groups that have been doing this.

Police should compare the video from the Shell station with the Space Age shooting to see if it’s one and same guys. At the Shell station these thugs threatened a Hispanic man who they cut off in line. It is all on video.