ShootingS in Lents

Two shootings on the same day! Foster & 84th and 92nd & Henry

Interesting night....while I watched 15 or so officers surround the home behind me (84th and Foster) looking for the killer from the shooting at Hing Ming’s yesterday; I heard that another fatal shooting had taken place up on 92nd and Henry.

The suspect on 84th is accused of shooting a 36 years old man in broad daylight and lives right behind me. You folks have heard of him before...he was the guy on a half dozen occasions fired his gun off in the alley. My neighbors know him as the guy who fired a bullet into their house that went into their living room through the TV and into another wall. He was the guy who was approached several times by my neighbors and myself about the activity going on at his residence. We know it as a drug house where junkies get drugs and come into the alley and fix,

For hours they attempted to get anyone in the house to come out. My son could hear it at a friends house who lives on the other side of Woodstock. Six or seven loud noises that were more then likely flash bangs set off so officers could enter the home. We finally saw the officers inside, I do not know what the outcome was.

Anyone that can look in the mirror and honestly say that Lents is a safe place to live anymore is nuts. I have seen a lot of stuff go on over the last 25 years but nothing as bad as this.

This guy was a drug dealer and a thug that should have been in jail a long time ago. Not lack of police effort or desire to do so, but a lack of ability to put in the time to go after these folks. 


Anyone who drives by Hing Ming’s sees the groups hanging out in the parking lot. It is a meeting place for thugs, drug dealers and seems to attract every scumbag in the area. Those of us who live by it see it daily. The alley behind our homes has become the place they sell and use drugs, use as an open toilet and worry neighbors who leave to work each day wondering if their home is next to be robbed.

Many of us remember not that long ago telling our local community leaders that we were concerned about the signs of what was coming... and they told us it would be fine. Lent's they said was changing. New development was coming.

The sad thing is that in Lents folks just kind of ignore reality. They believe a handful of new buildings and a gazebo will make it more livable. To those that spent time or lived in big cities before coming to know better. You know exactly what is coming..

Asking PPD to fight crime with the resources they have is like asking someone to drain Johnson Creek with a thimble.