So last night I think was the official reopening of THE CROTCH, While I was under the impression that this one junkie was an early bird....I was wrong. I posted the picture of the girl who leaned up against a garage door all night high about 8:30.

girl junkie.JPG

At about 9;30 am a guy in shorts and a camo shirt and obviously a street person was walking down the street looking into yards. I asked him what he was doing and he asked me for a cigarette. I told him I did not have one and he said he was just walking around. I told him there has been a lot of vandalism and theft in the area and that most folks had cams. 

He walked away and went behind the Shell into the alley.

A few minutes later I see a guy cutting through my neighbors duplex and into the alley. I walk back there and he is kneeling against the garage with a needle in his arm. He gets up real quick and starts down the alley toward Hing Mings. As I follow him there are three more people in the alley. One guy is leaning against the wall taking a crap, another is going through a pile of trash. The third is hanging over my 6 ft fence looking in my yard. I yell, Get the hell out of the alley. They inform me that they are cleaning it up. I tell them we do not want you to clean it up. I then tell the guy he was lucky my dog was not out there when he stuck his head over the fence. He informed me he would have killed it. I told him that would have been the last act of his pathetic life.

I see they have carts at the end of the alley filled with crap in Hing Ming parking lot. I go into the store and tell Sam the owner that he needs to clear his property as they are coming into the alley.

So Sam is now out there with me and my son and there are now 4 of them. After a little back and forth they start getting their stuff. All this time they are yelling that they are going to fuck up my house..and that they have a right to be there. 

One even told us to call the cops, cause they can't do anything. Sadly he is right…not because they do not want to...but they have no choice.

So here we go ... 6 of them all before noon. 

On my way home about 2:30 I look down the alley as I am driving by and a guy is just pulling up his pants from going to the bathroom against the building. That makes 7 and we still have tonight.

This has got to stop. We should not have to endure another Spring/Summer full of this again.