From the Crotch - December 2, 2018


We all thought things would slow down.after all winter is upon us….we were mistaken!

The RV that was parked here that was drawing a lot of night activity is finally gone. It was tagged and towed. They left the plastic pumpkin they were shitting in as well as a couple of jugs of urine....

The Shell station some evenings has up to a half dozen street folks hanging out.

Most of you know the homeless guy Marty.. he left the area. He moved to different digs because he said it was too dangerous around here..... ?!?!

Hing Mings remains the same. Like flies to shit.. they seem to like to gather there. Shell, Hings and McDopers seem to where they like to graze,

The alley problems still remain. There was a group of 5 smoking crank yesterday. I told them I would call the police and they told me go ahead, its not illegal?????? Then other neighbors came out and they reluctantly left. In all, 13 were scooted out of there last week. 
Two of these folks attempted to tell me they had the right to camp in the alley. That we had no right bothering them????

My neighbor across the street has had his vehicle messed with 2 nights in a row. The night before last they attempted to pry open a back window and used something like an ice pick to break pieces of it. They returned last night and resumed work on it by breaking a small hole in the window.

Friday night my son coming home from a friends house had 3 Mexican guys pull a gun on him. They drove up on him as he was walking past the market on 85th and Woodstock. While pointing a gun at him they asked him if he took gas from Andy’s car? My son told him he knows no one named Andy and he has money so he can buy his own gas. They mumbled something and drove away. They were lucky... had they picked my other son and pulled a gun on him, their night would have ended much differently.

How were things on your block this week Ted ?

I understand what you’re going through…really I do!

I understand what you’re going through…really I do!