This morning at 4:58 as my neighbors Brad and Anna were woke up by what they said were large bangs and the sound of breaking glass.

They got up went outside to find someone had put two good size dents in their metal front door and threw a flower pot against the front of their house.

Once outside they saw and heard some wacko heading toward Foster yelling and screaming.

The sad and dangerous part of this is not just his actions but the fact that in all probability this guy is known to have this behavior...and is walking our streets.

They are getting braver. Last week I awoke to find the contents of my console and glove box all over the floor of my car. They took some aftershave a pair of sunglasses and an old GPS I had.

I kicked myself in the ass for not locking my car, not smart!

Yesterday I went to the car wash and while going through water started coming through the passenger side window. 

When I checked it I found the stripping around the window had been pushed in. That means I did not leave it unlocked but that they were brave enough to stand in my driveway and jimmy my lock through that window.

A few weeks ago one of the gas attendants was attacked by a guy. When reported they were told….yea we know him.

A couple who were attacked are suing the city as the attacker was known to be dangerous.

A man gets attacked and his bike stolen after they beat him up. There are pics of a guy riding his bike ?????

The kid that was attacked downtown still has no justice from the attack on him.

So these wackos are walking around our neighborhoods and there is full knowledge they are off or are dangerous