THE CROTCH! - Welcome to the Jungle

Now perhaps you can see why I call it 'The Crotch' 

Remember... about 20% of the crime in this area gets reported. If I called a cop every time I saw something going down over here they would have to open a sub-station.

By the way the police are doing all they can to investigate these shootings. There were four officer here yesterday following up. There was a little confusion.. but they are on it. 

Next time you read about a cop shooting some idiot with a gun, remember these are the same folks that fired a round into a house not caring about the consequences.

Five Closest Crimes That Occurred Around Your Address in the Past Two Weeks

A Shooting 5600 BLOCK OF SE 83RD AVE 3 days ago - 01/04/19 09:51 PM

B Assault 5600 BLOCK OF SE 85TH AVE 4 days ago - 01/03/19 06:29 AM

C Shooting 5600 BLOCK OF SE 84TH AVE 6 days ago = 01/01/19 02:55 AM

D Theft 5500 BLOCK OF SE 82ND AVE 7 days ago - 12/31/18 04:29 AM

E Shooting 5600 BLOCK OF SE 83RD AVE 12 days ago - 12/25/18 05:25 PM