From the Crotch - September 28, 2018



The board held it's annual election. We will not go through all the games, deception and manipulating, it is tiring and redundant .

The night before last approximately 24 residents out of 22,000 elected a new board. Yes 5 members were seated with a max each that could be obtained of 24 votes. That means 99.99% stayed home. I am told another six attended that were city employees to perhaps help with the election I am not sure if the 24 includes them, however with or without them added the response to what these guys were selling was dismal as best. More folks slept in my alley this week.

We were told come vote for me or vote against me. There is no system to vote against. That was very misleading and not factual. You had 5 choices for 5 seats. The only way you could have prevented a member from being seated is if they did not vote for themselves, as they ran unopposed.

I was told...folks know there is an election so we do not have to put it off. Remember that point.

5 of the 24 there were vying for seats on the board. There were I believe 11 openings. None had any opposition. What that means LITERALLY is that 1 member of the community could have elected all 5 members. I do not think that is an election

We asked for this process to be slowed down. Take your time. Get folks involved. I saw no argument from anyone except those running. There was no reason to hurry, at least any legitimate one.

So they had the election. For every board member elected there was an average of 4.8 members at that meeting ...counting them.

A mandate! A referendum! 99.99% of Lents residents did not show.

Now we get back to the statement that folks knew there was an election and no reason to delay. If that is true.. then what you had was a NO CONFIDENCE showing by the community for this board and those that ran. They chose not to show.

After all by their own words.. People needed no more time... they were aware. 
We have these elections every year at this time.

I know from our admin records over 250 folks from the pages were reading the posts about the elections even given the short notice on the circumstances that were not known yet, until just days before.

They will now say we are negative. Not a new ploy. They will argue that they represent change, when all can see they are just a continuation of the old...from the start. They will in fact do everything and perhaps more then their predecessors while now defending it.

That now we cannot disagree, because it's them. They will band together and again decide that they know what is best for the neighborhood of 22.000 folks because 24 people said so.
And they will do it with a straight face. The very folks that condemned this behavior from others before, now own it. But remember…it's different now ..because it's them!

We had a By Laws committee that had some very good by laws in place. I hope those rules are not changed in that draft to protect board members from being accountable. I urge the board to vote on them quickly so that we might start implementing some of them immediately.

No fresh start... just more of the same!


On another note the meeting put on by the Police Union was very good. Very good ideas. A very well run meeting. Daryl Turner of the PPA put out some good info and got a lot of feedback. It is still a possibility and would hold 600 folks.

Not everyone agreed but for the most part it was civil. One person kept talking behind us so that it made it hard for the rest to hear, but other then a little lack of manners it was a good meeting. I encourage folks to get involved and bring their ideas to the next meeting which we will posted.

These politicians will do little unless we unite to get this problem resolved. I agreed with and enjoyed his reasoning. The crazy thing is that the facility that we just sold for a huge loss could have still been ours when implementing this.

Please attend the meeting on the 11th of October and hear what he has to say. It is posted on the LNLA page.