From the Crotch - September 21, 2018


Wednesday evening my son saw 2 hispanic men in a taupe colored car, perhaps an older Oldsmobile grab a girl off the street who was screaming and yelling. In this neighborhood it is pretty common. He did not see who the woman was.

This morning I was approached by Asia for a smoke as she was walking down out street, A little while later Brad and Anna saw her being followed by 2 men in a car of the same description.

Then one got out and a few minutes later they were gone and so was Asia.

I have heard from street folks that this has happened to her several times. Either they get behind on their dope bill or these scumbags just pick her up to make money for them,

We have no plate number. Please keep a lookout, I am going to report this to our Neighborhood Response Officer. If any of you witness something like this please PM me or report it and let them know there is already a report. A plate number would be great! A picture would be even better.