From the Crotch - September 17, 2018


There was a resignation of 4 LNA members a few months ago. They resigned as they felt as board members that other board members made it impossible to complete even simple tasks without being questioned and bantered by fellow board members.

As we got close to the election it was decided to appoint 4 folks to the board. There was no reason to do so. The board still had enough members and the worst that could have happened even if they did not was what?

This is a board that did not file its paperwork in a timely fashion and almost lost that money from EPNO.

A board that failed to produce a working set of by laws for 2 years.

A board that could not even produce and keep up with simple minutes of the meeting...some dating back over a year.

But they needed to rush to add 4 members ? For what ?

Now with the resignation of Potter and Bader all positions are open. We were officially notified Thursday at a meeting 2 members were at.

The election is in 6 days. Most folks do not know who is running. A lot of folks that do not have facebook know nothing. 
Again we are asked to rush and vote in new members. For what?

Does not sound to me like the start of a new board...just a different old board.

I would like to know who is running before the election. 
Folks should have an opportunity to meet and speak with candidates..before the election...not during it.

I was told this is how the last 3 remaining board members want it, I say it is not their board anymore, it belongs to the membership and they should set the election date as the rules allow.

I have no idea what the rush is?

Postpone the vote until the October meeting and give folks the opportunity to not only vote informed, but decide if perhaps they would like to run.

This is an election...not the 50 yard dash !