Saturday Evening at the Crotch! - July 14, 2018


Two folks hanging at the corner doing drugs. A van from Pennsylvania parked here packed with stuff. I was told a pit bull was inside it during the hot weather. I checked and it was not there... I will be checking later.. not the first time I have seen them leave an animal in their stinky shit vehicles.

Two junkies in the alley this afternoon arguing over a hit of dope. The conversation was amazing. One drug addict trying to convince the other of his integrity.

A girl in the bushes at the tire store. When asked what she was doing she said she was resting.

Libby sitting in the alley trying to find a vein with no luck.. First the leg...that won't work... then the arm ...damn that is not happening.. if I did not interrupt her I am sure the neck would have come into play

Thinking of actually giving the alley a name.. Shooters Alley is a nifty one.

Anyway.. this is the daily crap we go through. We clean it up they destroy it. We ask them not to do it here....they ignore us and do it anyway and then leave us nice fresh piles of shit, needles and garbage.