A Day at the Crotch - July 5, 2018


Did not get pictures of the 2 in the alley this morning. The second time that I could hear them but not see them and just yelled for them to leave. Watched another 3 or 4 ramble on down the street as they rubber neck looking into cars and front yards. When you confront them.. they say they are looking for cans. Of course...what is wrong with me, Everyone knows that most folks keep empty cans in their cars and front yards!  How stupid of me!

The next one was sitting with his back toward me and would not answer. I could see smoke and saw aluminum foil everywhere. He finally...after telling him to leave got his shoes back on and stood and and quickly walked away,  Stumbling down the alley leaving a trail of small sheets of foil... Minutes later another...this one very aggressive. He was picking up aluminum foil and rigs looking to see if anyone left any dope.

I told him to leave the alley. He told me to go fuck myself. So I again told him to leave the alley. Told him we were tired of them using our alley as a place to do their dope. He picked up a rig and a piece of foil and proceeded to tell me he was cleaning up. I stuck my head over the fence and started yelling at him to get the hell out of the alley.

He them picked up a cabinet door that was lying there and threw it at me hitting the fence just below me, As soon as I started to go over the fence he took off running toward Hing Mings,,,yelling as he left.

Please spare me the sympathy and bullshit. If any of you out there are Rainbow Unicorns and have compassion for this shit...speak up. They aren't leaving behind skittles and rainbows ,,, just feces, needles and aluminum foil. Post your address and I will gladly give it to each and every one that comes back here, I am so very fucking tired.

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shoot up 2.JPG
shoot up.JPG